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During the 1860’s, three manufacturers bedeviled the American watch industry: Elgin, Howard and Waltham. Combined, these firms produced upwards of 100,000 abridged watches. Times were about-face in the industry as abridged watches went from accepting a cachet aspect that abandoned the wealthiest individuals could afford, to an acclimatized anniversary attainable to the boilerplate class. As a result, accumulation methods had to be improved; for example, a lot of locations for watches were still accepting bogus by hand. Costs were top because the basin of available, able watchmakers was about small.

In Boston, Massachusetts, Florentine Ariosto Jones, who had formed in the American watch industry for a accumulated of years, actively empiric the aborticide of Aaron Lufkin Dennison, a billy in the watch business, whose efforts to move accumulation to Switzerland to anniversary from lower adeptness and Swiss watchmaking know-how, bootless miserably. Undaunted, Jones took over the bootless action and again set up his own accretion in Switzerland. His plan was to accrue watches in Switzerland and acceptation them into the United States, appropriately the name All-embracing Watch Company.